What are the Differences Between Cable and DSL Internet

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What are the Differences Between Cable and DSL Internet

Most people just want their Internet to work. No worries about download versus upload speed, quotas, peak periods, throttling or any of that other jazz. However, some Internet providers in Ontario make that much more challenging than it should be. There are so many packages, services and options out there that make it very difficult to figure out which best suits you. One option that has become more available is DSL Internet. In the last decade, it has become one of the more popular options, rivalling cable Internet. So this begs the question, what are some key differences between DSL Internet and cable? This could get really technical, but here are the basics that your average consumer would want to know:
DSL Internet
• Connects to your computer through a phone line
• Available through many Internet providers in Ontario
• Access your Internet and phone at the same time
• Internet providers in Ontario provide a variety of packages and speeds for every user
• Predictable and constant speed
• Available in multiple speed tiers
Cable Internet
• Connects to your computer through cable television lines
• Available through many Internet providers in Ontario
• Shared bandwidth slows speeds at peak times
• Sometimes not available in remote areas
• Typically more expensive than DSL
Granted there’s a lot more to the differences between cable and DSL Internet than just what’s listed above. For most people, both cable and DSL Internet are available in their area by several Internet providers in Ontario. This is the case with city-centres, but if you live more remotely, you may be bound by what is available for your region. Historically, cable speeds have been faster, but technological advances have lessened that gap tremendously to the point where the speeds are highly comparable. And both can usually be purchased in bundles with home phone service that typically gives you an overall better deal and minimizes everything to one simple bill instead of dealing with multiple.
While both provide essentially the same service, cable and DSL Internet still have significant differences that make better suited for different people. You may have particular usage habits that make DSL Internet better suited to you. Or you talk with some Internet providers in Ontario and realize that your lifestyle is better suited to cable Internet. Ultimately, there’s one choice for you. You just have to figure out which that is.

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